Why Your New Year’s Resolution Won’t Work…Unless You Do!

Why Your New Year’s Resolution Won’t Work….Unless You Do!

So, it’s that time of the year again. The first of the year has become somewhat of a running joke with most people. The term itself: “New Year’s Resolution” draws jeers and sarcasm, and many people are embarrassed to talk about them, let alone act on them. So the question is…



We don’t take resolutions seriously because we only see the failures of attempting the goals. We see people quit on their goals, or we ourselves quit because of “Well, life and work and blah blah blah.” The New Year gives the sense of a fresh start, but the great part about resolutions (or goals as they should be called) is that they can be set ANYTIME!. So now we move to…

Why don’t they work?

Fantastic, we’ve got a big long list of all the great things we are going to change, improve and accomplish in the new year! “I want to lose weight, have better finances, have better relationships and fly to the moon.” That’s where most people stop. We pick these big, generic goals and put them on a piece of paper, then act impulsively by starting a new radical diet plan, buying a bunch of self-help books and investing in a bunch of materials for this new project. What’s missing is a game plan!

How to be a successful Resolutioner!

Define your resolutions clearly. Change “I want to lose weight” to “I want to lose 20 lbs. by March 1st.” Specify the amount and give yourself a deadline. This holds you accountable and can be clearly observed and measured.

Make your plans specific. “I want to be more financially successful.” Break it down. What specific steps do you have to take to make that goal a reality? Make a list of expenses and cut what you can. Determine if you need to make more money and does that look like getting a new job, asking for a raise, picking up a second job or…what?

-Prioritize and Do It! If we have put so much time and energy into defining our goals and strategically planning them, then they are important. Life will throw you curveballs, that’s what life does! The first thing to go when life gets crazy is that new thing we picked up. We cut that immediately because routine is easier. Put the new goals at the top of the list, above watching television, sleeping in, watching YouTube, or whatever else that isn’t as important as those goals. Repeat the manta: “No matter what, I am going to do this.”

In conclusion, New Year’s Resolutions and resolutions are not bad at all, they can actually be a great thing! Avoid any negative feelings or pushback for setting new goals, focus on how good it will feel when those goals are met. Define the resolutions clearly, specifically plan how they will be accomplished and put them at the top of the priority list! Take control now and focus on meeting and surpassing these new goals…just in time for getting ready to do it all again for the year after! ☺

The Miracle Supplement- Consistency

The Miracle Supplement- Consistency

No matter where you look, you always hear about it. Whether it’s social media, movies, television, gyms, etc., we all see the “miracle supplement”, but does it really work? Our favorite actor recommends the new muscle-building-fat-loss-super supplement and we already are imagining the new body we will achieve since, “it worked for the Rock right?” After spending time, money and energy on these “miracle fixes”, we are left more disappointed than ever when our physiques aren’t perfect in two weeks.


-This happens to entry-level and experienced exercisers alike and why?

Simple, the entry-level exercisers want the results RIGHT NOW, because that’s just the way our society is (which is a philosophical debate for another time); but it is also because that’s what we see. How many transformations do you see that seem to happen overnight? We get disillusioned into believing that the body can change so rapidly by using some.. “thing” to get there.

-Why doesn’t it work?

This is not bashing on supplements, because there are a lot of great ones out there that do what their name suggests, it supplements your diet and work outs. If you really want the miracle fix, it is consistency. Instead of hopping on a crash-course super diet that makes you crazy after two weeks, do something more moderate but do it longer and more consistent. Same with the workouts. Just keep moving your feet. Each step is progression and will take you closer to your goals. Stop relying on two-week fixes or something to designed to do anything “quick.” Your progress will jump dramatically anyway if you are genuinely consistent.

-How to achieve consistency?

Prepare and Commit. Two simple words, but they are more difficult in practice. The first part is commit. Decide to do it and prioritize your health and body. What’s more important, a night out or sticking to your diet, or, hitting the snooze button or getting up and going to that Group X class? Find out which one you value more and STICK TO IT. Each time you do it, you build momentum. To make commitment stick and make it easier, prepare. Write down your workouts or work with a personal trainer. Prepare your meals for a set time or create a diet plan that is feasible and works with your schedule. Accountability is a must too. Write down what you do, join a Group Class, work out with a trainer or partner.

Changes may not come overnight, but the things worthwhile seldom come easily or quickly. Choose the path, prepare for it, and stick with it and that consistency will yield results.

Triple Threat Rules and Tips

Why sign up for a challenge or competition? Any sort of deadline is a great motivator for amping up your workouts, staying on track, and gives you a goal to strive towards. Check out our Triple Threat Challenge, happening on October 13th at 10:00am.

Triple Threat Challenge Rules & Regulations

Rule 1: Facility:

-Harrisonburg’s Elite Fitbox. October 13th, 2018 10:00am. Alcohol and Tobacco Products are prohibited.

Rule 2: Registration:

-Please call a Front Desk attendant at either of our gym locations, Harrisonburg:540-432-6076 or Bridgewater: 540-828-2338 Or check our facebook to sign up on the google link.

If online: click this link- https://goo.gl/forms/3gNsLg5HSX0cqBas1

Rule 3: Equipment:

  1. Participants are allowed to wear whatever attire they would like, so long as it is conforms to the Harrisonburg 24/7 Fitness dress code (Must wear shoes, no sports bras-only shirts, etc.)
  2. Any device or equipment that HELPS the lifter is NOT permitted.
  • This prohibits: lifting straps, rubber shirts, slingshot shirts, etc.
  1. Any device or equipment that PREVENTS INJURY is permitted
  • This allows: chalk, elbow wraps, knee wraps, wrist support wraps and a weight lifting belt.

Note: The judges reserve the right to deem any piece of equipment as illegal!

Rule 4: General Rules

  1. The order of the lifts is as follows: Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift.
  • Judgers/Spotters will determine the validity of the lift.
  • The men and women will go through in two separate groups, which group goes through first will be determined.
  • Each lifter will get 3 attempts at the weight they request.

Rule 5: The Squat:

  1. Participants will approach the bar (padding optional) and adjust the bar on the back to where is comfortable.
  2. Upon unracking the bar and stepping back, the lifter is permitted to begin the lift on their own accord, instead of at a coach’s mark.
  3. The knee and hip joint must be parallel to be considered a successful lift.

Rule 6: The Bench Press:

  1. Participants will lay flat on the bench. The back, shoulders, and buttocks must be in contact with the floor. Feet will also be placed on the floor.
  2. The lifter can request “lift off” or assistance in unracking the bar. The lifter can begin the lift on their own accord, rather than a coach’s mark.
  3. The bar must go down and be motionless on the chest before pushing back up. There will not be a coach’s mark, but the judges WILL be looking for the momentary pause before the weight is pushed. Any bouncing, raising of the lower back or any use of momentum will result in a failed attempt.
  4. The spotters will assist in reracking the bar once the press is locked out.

Rule 7: The Deadlift:

  1. Participants will approach the bar and prepare to pick up the bar.
  2. Participants are permitted to use any grip they prefer.
  3. NO hitching (yanking the bar up), or resting the bar on the thigh.
  4. The lifter must achieve lock out to be considered a success.

Member Appreciation Bash

September 9/24-9/29: Events all week long with grand finale on Saturday, September 29th!

Saturday September 29th 10am-2pm

OUTDOOR Mashup Workout 10am FREE FOR ANYONE!*

Kids Workout (Ages 8-12) 10am with Coach Morgan*

(*Sign up at the front desk for Outdoor Workout and Kids Workout)

Bounce House for Kids 10am-2pm

Enjoy lunch at 12:00pm including FREE SMOOTHIES compliments of Tropical Smoothie Café!

Monday – Friday September 24-29th

Monday: Free Breakfast 6:00am-8am

Tuesday: Bring FREE guests all day. Workout and/or classes!

Wednesday: Mobility Day! FREE Yoga Classes: 5:30am, 12pm, & 5:30pm

Thursday: Bring FREE guests all day. Workout and/or classes!

Friday: Free fruit Friday! Enjoy free fruit at the front desk during your visit on Friday. AND Free FitZone Day: Enjoy FREE FitZone classes throughout the day –schedule on MindBody.



Southwest Salmon Salad

Healthy Snacks

As football time approaches, people often start planning Sunday snacks and meals, but we are always looking for healthy snacks year-round! The center of this post is a quick, healthy and delicious snack, Southwest Salmon Salad. This month’s selection comes from Fitmencook.com. I personally like the texture and the great taste of the salmon!


Southwest Salmon Salad


(At least 4 servings)

12 oz. of Wild Caught Salmon

  • 1 Teaspoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 Tablespoon Smoked Paprika
  • Sea Salt and Pepper (for Taste)


  • 2/3 Cup of Plain Greek yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon Dijon Mustard
  • 1/3 Cup Chopped Green Onion
  • 1/3 Cup Chopped Celery
  • Sea Salt and Pepper

Estimated Time: 10-15 Minutes


After cooking Salmon, mix all ingredients together and Enjoy!

Personally, I like this as a dip and refrigerate it once I’m finished. Then serve with wheat thins or blue tortilla chips! The other great thing is that the ingredients are easily altered to increase or decrease the number of servings. Now get in that kitchen and start cooking! Let us at the gym know what you think!

Dog Days of Summer


As the sunny season wanes, is your commitment to fitness waning also? We all make that push to get that “beach-body” and so comes the early morning cardio, the hardcore weight-lifting, the protein shakes and the innumerable salads. But what happens to that commitment as the season comes to an end? How do you avoid losing your drive and keep all your hard-earned progress?

● Set more goals, specific ones too!  That beach trip may be over, but that can’t be the main goal of your fitness! Be fit for that Halloween costume, impress your family at Thanksgiving or be ready for the New Year! Whatever your goals are, try to be as specific as possible so the goal seems within reach. If you really want that extra commitment, write down your goals and the date in an area you frequently see to keep you driven.

● Look at all your progress!  Take a good hard look at the person in that mirror. Whether you are competition-ready, or just a healthier you, YOU have progressed. If you have kept data on your weight, bodyfat percentage, strength/cardio gains, then examine that and see how far you have come. All that progress in the time that you have put in, but can you close your eyes and imagine your progress in a month? What about 6 months? Imagine a new person staring back from the mirror in a year! It may seem impossible, but so did all the progress you have already made, so why stop pushing now?

● Fitness Loves Company!  Nothing keeps you committed like a partner or a group. Having a partner provides several benefits, such as accountability, a spotter for heavy weight, and making working out more fun! Getting involved in group classes is a great way to make like-minded friends, learn more from each other, and stay on track.

● Finally… Remember why you started!  What prompted your fitness journey in the first place? What goals did you set? Why did you make the decision to alter your life, and start a healthy lifestyle? Maybe you saw a magazine cover and wanted to emulate that, or maybe after a doctor’s recommendation, or maybe it had been on your mind for a while and you finally made the first step. Whatever the reason, YOU made that commitment and promise to YOURSELF. Don’t let a temporary season impact a lifelong journey. Remember why you started, for that is why you will keep going.

So, summer is ending, but a whole new journey of re-commitment is beginning. Set those specific goals, grab your friends, and remember why this whole thing began in the first place.