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Our Member Spotlights & reviews!  
Joe Define:  I worked out pretty religiously in college and then stopped for several years once I got out and started a career. I continued eating as if I was working out all the time and put on a lot of weight. About two years ago, I started slow by walking and light lifting and small changes to my diet, nothing overwhelming. Slowly, I progressed and it sort of snowballed to the point where I felt good enough to run a half mile, then a mile, and eventually a half marathon. My time at the gym became more consistent as well. I've dropped about 80lbs over the last two years.

Joe Define:  I worked out pretty religiously in college and then stopped for several years once I got out and started a career. I continued eating as if I was working out all the time and put on a lot of weight. About two years ago, I started slow by walking and light lifting and small changes to my diet, nothing overwhelming. Slowly, I progressed and it sort of snowballed to the point where I felt good enough to run a half mile, then a mile, and eventually a half marathon. My time at the gym became more consistent as well. I've dropped about 80lbs over the last two years.
Cynthia Leal:  September’s Member Spotlight is Cynthia Leal! Cynthia was nominated by one of our coaches, Frank. Frank spoke highly of Cynthia’s perseverance and dedication, noting she consistently comes to class and gives it her all until the final bell rings. Cynthia has been leading a healthy lifestyle for the past year and a half, and has lost a whopping 80lbs.! Her motivation comes from striving to be healthy. “My grandmother passed from diabetes, so I don’t want to become diabetic. If I didn't do anything about it my doctor told me I would become diabetic. My favorite class is Shape Up, I like how Frank pushes us to become better and better each class. My next goal would be maintaining the weight loss, I definitely don't want to gain those 80 lbs. back.”  
Paul & Jeannie Klemt:  The couple that works out together stays together! We have been married for almost 36 years, and we encourage each other to stay fit. We want to keep active and have fun as we get older. We have been members here since 2005. We have always tried to stay active. We use the gym more now that our children are grown up. Paul: Since I turned 60 last December, my goal is just to be able to continue getting to gym without help. :-) Jeannie: As I turn 60 this fall, my goal is to stay fit so I can help Paul to the gym when he can't do it himself. : )  
Carson Lonett:  I feel like I have accomplished SO much it’s hard to pinpoint one accomplishment. I have run my fastest 5k, increased my weights in all my exercises, managed my nutrition, and I’m even able to do a few sets of stairs before gasping for breath. I am excited for what is ahead. I feel like my most active days aren’t behind me anymore but now they’re on the horizon. I plan to do a half marathon in April and June, I will participate in the half marathon row event, and do VA Momentum’s triathlon in September. Ultimately, I am so excited for what I can do and what I want to do. The possibilities are endless!  
Ethan Bates:  My greatest goal perhaps to many is being able to go from 125 pounds to 198 pounds. I put on a significant amount of muscle during my eight years of training. However, muscle comes and goes. I think rather the most important aspect is the mentality we develop through exercising. This stays with us for a lifetime. I believe in myself and what I'm able to accomplish if I put my heart into it. That I think is my greatest accomplishment.  
Heidi Lasser:  I have made it into a habit and a commitment. If I wouldn't skip going to work, attending school, or a promise I made to another person, why would I not do the same with personal fitness and health? I focus on the opportunity to clear my mind and challenge myself to be do my personal best. If I ever feel the least bit lethargic, all I have to do is refocus my attitude. Besides, I genuinely enjoy being around people at the gym. I feel excited for everyone at whatever they are doing. It is a shared experience.

It wasn't until I joined this gym when we moved here a year ago, and worked with Phil Carr that I truly understood the importance of strength training, and had the know-how to use the equipment, beyond jumping on a machine and looking at the instructions. Prior to Phil, I felt intimidated by the barbells and plates, and would guess what I was supposed to do with dumbbells. Thanks to Phil, I understand how to progress, how to use proper form, and exactly what I need to do to improve my shape.
Karen Pruitt:  I am so excited about the cardiovascular results I have seen. When I began I could hardly row 750 meters. Now I know I can row 10,000 meters. I began as a walker on the treadmill. Now I'm a runner and have participated in four 5K races this year - running the whole race. I have increased the amount of weight I lift and the number of reps I can perform. I have come a long way on push-ups but still have a ways to go! My goal for 2018 is to CONTINUE ON! Quite honestly, I'm not sure what my body is able to do, so I'm going to work hard and celebrate the changes! I did not come to the gym overweight but I was not toned at all. I now see definition in my back and arms. My body fat % has gone down and I want that to continue. I feel healthy. When I workout, I tend to make better choices in other areas as well.  
Deanna Pundyk:  I started back to the gym in February 2017.  I chose kick boxing for my “something new”. I do kick boxing 2 days a week. I work out early mornings and take advantage of the 24/7 area.  For my cardio, I choose the treadmill and rowing machine. I also do light weights with free weights and resistance machines. I workout 4 to 5 days a week.  When I started my goals were weight loss and to try something new. For my weight loss, nutrition is a big part of it. Meal prepping works for me. I really enjoy when the gym post tips and recipes.  With being consistent, I have lost 73 pounds!  

Chelsea McCammon: When I see these two pictures of myself side by side, it’s not the size difference I notice first, it’s the person I was and person I am now that jumps out at me.  For me, the accomplishment I feel is not about the weight that I have lost but the mentality I have gained.  I no longer feel embarrassed or ashamed.  I feel confident and I feel driven.  Working at the gym and building relationships with the people here really has taught me how to eat the right foods and fuel my body the correct way, but if it wasn’t for making the decision for myself that I was lacking the self-worth we all deserve to feel, I don’t think I would be where I am now.  

Vicky Rittenhouse: I have struggled with my weight all of my life, losing weight and gaining it back, despite being active most of my life. A year and a half ago, I made a major lifestyle change by going low carb. I have lost 55 pounds over this time and feel great. I have found a love for weight lifting and enjoy the feeling of increasing strength and definition that comes with serious weight training. I also have started running which is something I never thought I would enjoy doing. I love the opportunities being physically fit has brought into my life. Did my first mud run in August and I am hooked!  
Eli Thies: When I was 13 I began working for an adventure company in Bridgewater. At that time I was about 125 pounds and traversing a 15 foot river raft with 8 people on it through rapids...quite a challenge!  I decided to start exercising to make moving and carrying rafts, kayaks, and paddleboards easier on myself and ended up loving it.  5 years and 70 pounds later, these things have become much easier and I’m loving every minute of it!  
RJ Good: I had always been a heavy kid and when I started my fitness journey I couldn’t even do 10 pushups.  I had been on and off the fitness buzz until a little over a year ago I made the change.  I weighted 265 pounds.  By eating less and hitting the gym almost every day since then, I now am 200 pounds and can finally do pull ups!  I’m training for my first Spartan race by the end of the year!  
Jessica Ritchie: When I first started out I could barely run 30 seconds. Now I am running a mile within 8 minutes and have completed several 5k's. My major focus now is weight training. Along with meal prepping and planning each workout I've noticed a lot more progress with my lifting. Not only am I stronger, but I'm tone now and have lost more weight than just cardio alone. My goal is to build more muscle and be the healthiest I've ever been.  
Stacy Pange: In February 2015 I decided to turn my health around. I started with a complete diet overhaul and eliminated all grains from my diet. I lost 65 pounds! I started going to a gym in July 2015 with the goal to build lean muscle. I joined Harrisonburg Fitness in August 2016 and now attend FitZone classes 5 days per week and have never felt better!
Tina Pangle: In February 2015 I joined Stacy in going grain free for a healthier lifestyle. I joined a gym for the first time in August 2015, not with the goal to lose weight, but to build lean muscle. I joined Harrisonburg Fitness in August 2016 and joined FitZone in January. I look forward to coming in to the gym and seeing all my fellow FitZone members! FitZone has changed me mentally and physically and I have never felt better!
Steven Faught: “I’ve always loved lifting weights, but hated cardio.  After changing jobs and coming in at 5am, that changed.  These morning people are cardio junkies and pulled me in.  Now we do cardio five days a week and I’ve never felt better.  That 4:00am alarm is still terrible!” 
Jessy Bickerstaff:  “I come in every morning to see the best gym family ever.  Steven, Trent, Kevin and of course my favorite employee, Crystal!  They push me to be the best me I can be.  Frank’s class has transformed me and keeps me on track to beat my fitness goals!  He kicks my butt every Tuesday morning and Kevin, Steven, and Trent kick it the rest of the week!” 
Trent Fadeley:  “Coming to the gym in the morning before work helps me to prepare for the stresses of the day.  I have the best gym family in Jessy, Steven, and Kevin to help with my motivation.  Frank’s Tuesday morning class has kept me on track for my fitness goals!”
Calvin Shirk
The first time I did cardio workouts on the treadmill, I slowed down to keep my heart rate in check. As time went on, I could increase my pace and even use incline to reach my desired heart rate for my age. The benefit I got was that now I can run much longer distances at work if I need something a distance away without getting out of breath!
Jonathan Ott
In 2010 I was caught in an IED blast overseas during OEF in Afghanistan. From that, I had contusions and bruising to the bone in my right arm resulting in loss of strength and severe pain for years (along with knee, back, shoulder and some other injuries from the blast as well). I was a built 186lbs putting up close to 300lbs on bench at that time. Throughout the last few years I decided to get back into shape slowly. I currently weigh 163lbs, run 6 miles in 40 minutes, put up 225lbs on bench, curl 45lbs dumbbells and leg press 380lbs.
Laurie Brinkley:
Laurie has lost 55 pounds and is excited to see what 2017 has in store as she wants to lose more weight.  Laurie joined the gym after her son, Jeremiah and his wife Melissa joined and successfully lost weight and “looked so good!”  She says seeing them be successful and stick to a routine, encouraged her to get started!  She wanted that same feeling they had!
Samantha Laflamme:
In school I was in pretty good shape. But once I graduated high school, like a lot of others, I gained some weight. Once I had my son, my weight gain was out of control. I was using food as a way to deal with stress and abuse. Tired of hating to look at myself, one day I just decided, enough! I realized my health wasn't only important for my well being but my son's too. The day I decided enough was enough I weighed in at 253 pounds! With hard work and dedication I now weigh 148 pounds and still progressing every day. I very quickly fell in love with the gym and the way it felt to be fit.
Joanna Dietz:
When I got serious about lifting weights I weighed 155. I decided I wanted to eventually compete, so I made a commitment to myself. I changed how I ate, the way I worked out, and started pushing myself harder than I ever had. I now weigh 128, I feel so much better about my body and strength. It has taught me discipline, and hard work always pays off!
I workout 5-6 times a week. I usually lift weights in the evening and I do cardio 1-3 times a week usually in the mornings.
Dakota Pierce:
I wondered how the military life would be and figured, why not!  I spoke to the local recruiters office and have been succeeding rapidly.  I am now a strong 225 pounds and two and half months closer to beginning training to serve my country.  Just keep working towards your goals and you’ll be unstoppable in life!
Kirsten Jordan:
In March of this year I was put on cholesterol medication and decided I wanted to make a change and get a grasp on my health. I had gained a lot of weight after my dad passed away in 2014 and had lost some of it, but I really kicked things into high gear after being put on medication. I made lots of changes and started eating healthy and exercising 5 to 6 days a week and I'm proud to say I've lost almost 50 pounds! I'm excited to be on this journey and look forward to the milestones to come!
Tiffany Norman:
Over the past year I have lost 1/3 of my body weight. Also the clothing size I now wear is half of what it use to be!  My motivation for working out is to help with my energy levels, and create a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family. My personal trainer Phil is very motivating with my workouts and helps to keep me on track both in and out of the gym. I enjoy the aspect of continuing to buy smaller clothes when shopping.
Lorena Ledezma:
Lorena, a 38 year old mother of 3, was always overweight and uncomfortable with herself!  She then got involved with a weight loss contest with her friends and lost 30 pounds and 5 sizes!  Lorena now has a new confidence and knows she is capable of pushing herself to the max!
Hoyt Smith:
Being an active person under high stress, Hoyt would use food and unhealthy diet choices to help eliminate his stress. However, over time this just resulted in un-healthy weight gain. He now lives a healthy lifestyle and has lost over 90 pounds and gets his motivation from the results he is seeing!  Having others tell him that he has become their inspiration to change to a healthy lifestyle has given him a boost in motivation! 
Lauren Reeves:
My initial goal was to lose 80lbs. I'm currently down 35lbs and while I would love to lose another 45lbs and hit that 80b goal, I've realized the scale isn't everything. I love to see the changes in my body, especially now that I'm starting to see some definition in my arms and legs. The gym has become such a big part of my life! Some people need their coffee to start their day, I need the gym!
Jeremiah Brinkley:
My journey started one year ago.  After being overweight for almost 15 years, last January I decided it was time for a change!  And not just an eating change, but a whole lifestyle change!  I talked myself out of it a few times before I finally joined Harrisonburg Fitness and I’m so glad I did.  Fast forward to a year later and I have lost 75 pounds and 4 pant sizes!  I feel better than ever and plan to keep going!
Sandi Grandi:
I had been fully trained and worked out on daily basis in my late thirties. 
Eleven years ago I stopped working out and gained 70lbs. This July I decided at age 53 to start working out again, I was concerned at my age I wouldn't be able to do it and thinking to myself who works out at 53. I can say its the best thing I have done for myself. To date I have lost 30 pounds and have 26 more to goal weight. I intend to make my second half of my life the healthiest ever and will continue to workout and see where the journey takes me.

Noel Mason:
I have been lugging around several pairs of jeans that I fit in 15 years ago. Through the years every time I saw those jeans I would tell myself, "I'm going to fit in those again one day." I'm wearing a pair of those jeans while I'm typing this sentence.  That's a pretty awesome feeling.


Jennifer Young:  I've always been an active person. I've played sports all of my life. But life got busy and working out had been put on the back burner. Last October I decided I'd had enough. I had put on weight and decided I needed a change, I needed to be healthier. I contacted the gym and said I wanted a trainer. I met with Phil for the first time last October. My goal was to lose 30lbs. Being a former athlete, the competitor in me was determined to reach my goal. I started working out with Phil twice a week. I used a mobile app to keep track of my nutrition. Slowly but surely the pounds started coming off, the clothes got looser. After a few months, other people started to notice. I was seeing results and I felt great. Every day wasn't easy, and it's been hard, but I have made positive lifestyle changes. I have continued to workout with Phil twice a week, and have lost 32lbs.  

Danny Green:  When I first walked into Harrisonburg Family Fitness, 14 months and 110 pounds ago, my heart sank when I saw the stairs to get up to the gym. They were intimidating. Today I routinely take 10-20 mile hikes in the mountains. Over the last year and a half I have lost about 140 pounds total and reclaimed my life. I struggled with loosing weight and sticking to a workout all my life. Two years ago I thought I was incapable of doing what I have done. Some of the things that have made the biggest difference were the smallest. I'm not going back!


Brandon Wampler:  Being a volunteer firefighter and over weight and out of shape is not a good thing. In March of 2012, I told my self that I needed to do better about my self. I weighed 256lbs when I started working out. Since then I have lost 50lbs. Now I'm feeling better about myself and other people are seeing it. I have changed my eating habits and now eating healthier. I don't have a trainer. I did it on pure motivation of my self.


Diane Yerian:  I broke my wrist traumatically in 2010, dislocating the wrist and breaking the ulna and radius. I had a major surgery to piece things back together and then a second surgery to remove the 'hardware' because tendons and ligaments were hanging on the screws. It took me out of circulation for a while and I was unable to work out. I recovered fairly quickly according to the doctor's standards and I think my state of physical wellbeing had a factor there. As soon as I had my doctor's release to start working out again, I did and my goal was to gain strength and flexibility in that wrist. I've made good progress and continue to improve.


Kevin Farren:  First and foremost - I have made working out part of my life style and daily routine - I felt if I could make a lifestyle change which including committing to working out frequently - losing weight would be a by product, and it was. I lost about 50 lbs in the first 4 months of working out.


Cara Valentine:  I was in the best shape of my life when I got pregnant and felt amazing, which was something that I didn't want to lose. One of my first questions for the midwife was whether or not exercise was safe for me during pregnancy. I loved it too much to give it up for 9 months! Once I got a green light, I never looked back and hit the gym right up until my daughter was born. It wasn't always easy working out as I progressed through pregnancy, but I knew it was best for me and my baby. Continuing weight training with some cardio kept my body strong to deal with the strain of pregnancy and I breezed through all 9 months with no problems. Even labor was easy! One of the most rewarding things was fitting back into pre-pregnancy jeans 3 weeks after delivery and being back to my normal weight within a month. I loved it when people told me that I didn't even look like I had a baby! My little girl is now 3 months old and with hard work and dedication at the gym along with clean eating, I am getting my fit body back.


WHSV SPORTS ENTHUSIAST, BROOKS WAGLER:  My goal, has never been about the number I read on the scale, or what size of clothes I wear. The goal is to always push it to the limit, and to never end a workout/run thinking I could have done more. It's always about feeling better, than when I started.


Carolyn Randolph: I have been working out since the gym opened here in early 2000.  I have always walked and walking in the weather is not enjoyable :).


Kelly Knighting:  Patricia has been an amazing person to work with at Bridgewater and
by following her recommendations I have lost 16 lbs and 25 inches in
8 weeks. I have a lot more to lose but I know with my family and her
support I will get there.

Melissa Johnson:  I am happy to report that not only have I surpassed my original goal, but am continuing to see results. In just a little over a year I am down 27.5 pounds, 13.5 inches overall and 2 pants sizes.


Suzanne Riddleberger:  Since working with Marie I have tons of energy all day every day and fit in to my old clothes.  I lost about 15 lbs. and 3 inches in my waist.  My arms and legs are leaner and stronger. 


Christina Santiago:  I came in with 37.1% BMI and I'm down to 27.8% as of now. I have gone down about 2 pants sizes and my engagement ring fits again after several years!

Michele Rodamer:  Mornings are the best time for a workout. I workout 3 to 4 times a week.I do personal training twice a week.The rest of the day I feel great and then sometimes I come back in for an evening class.  I hope to do a mud run or warrior dash soon. My personal training will help me accomplish that.  
Adam Goble:  Four and a half years ago I weighed 310 pounds and couldn't hike a mile without getting winded. As of today I've lost close to 90 pounds and I regularly run 3+ miles a day as part of my workouts!  
Jovanna Belcor:  After having 2 kids, I was a 202 pounds, unable to be active around my kids and keep up with my daily routines due to having asthma and being overweight. So far I've lost 32 lbs
which makes me feel more confident, energetic and healthier. This is not the end I'm
looking to lose about 25 more pounds to reach my ultimate goal! Its not easy but I know I
can do it! I enjoy the Abs class and Steps with Miranda H. But the class that I identify
myself the most is spinning class with Frank.
Becky Bonds:  Not only I am losing weight (15 pounds) and inches (20.5), I am getting stronger! For the first time in my life I actually have definition in my arms and shoulders. :) I could barely do
a modified push up on my knees when I first started working out and now I can do REAL
push ups! My endurance is better and I plan to do a Color Run in June 2014. I still have a
long way to go to reach my goals, but I'm excited about how far I've come so far!
Katrinia Charlton:  It's been quite a journey so far. I have lost 127 lbs, and am very excited for the future.  
Laura Flint:  Once I got in better shape I became motivated to keep working out regularly because of how great I felt and how my clothes fit. After incorporating exercise into my regular schedule I have tons of energy,feel great and am much happier.  
Gordon Weirich: As I have gotten older, it has been important to set specific goals for fitness levels and set those high enough to keep me motivated. Working out helped me lose 30# a couple of years ago and keep it off. I would encourage others to stick with it and keep their work-outs variable enough to keep coming back!  
Adrien Funk:  I have been teaching kindergarten for seven years. Exercise really helps me to keep
up with the busy activity of a kindergarten classroom. I really enjoy Frank's Training
and Conditioning class on Thursday evenings. I always strive to get ahead of Frank in
class. I have a couple of times, but mostly I am right on his heels!  

Aric Berg:  I used to be MUCH heavier. At my biggest, I was over 300 pounds! We did a weight loss challenge at work and I was able to get myself below that 300 pound threshold, but it wasn't enough. I kept at it on and off until a couple years later we did another fitness challenge at work. I made it my goal to lose big, and during the challenge, I lost over fifty pounds in 3 months. Now I'm over a hundred pounds lighter, and have never felt better!

Mandi Ortiz: I have blown my left knee out twice and have had three knee surgeries. After my second surgery my left leg was 1/2 the size of the other one. I went through 6 months of physical therapy and working out on my own I have regained all the strength back in my left leg. I am able to do everything that I could do before I injured my knee.  
Warren Stimpson:  I joined the U.S.N in 1986 and had duty stations in Guantanamo Bay Cuba (18 months), Guam (24 months), the Philippines (24 months) and El Centro, California (24 months). After work there was 2 things to do, workout or become intoxicated. I chose supersets over 12 ounce curls. The Navy really had first class workout facilities and our commanding officers were always pushing us to use the base gyms. I even got second place in a bench press competition in Cuba.  
Joel Delgado:  Well since working out here I've lost around 80 pounds. I was a borderline 380 most of my life being an emotional eater which meant every time I dealt with a problem it was with food.
But one day I just said enough and it was time to get fit again. I'm turning 30 and if I don't fix
this now, I never will. So here I am a new man weighing in at 297. My goal before winter is to
be 275 pounds.
Alison Snider:  I love the feeling of being completely worn out after a workout. Knowing I've pushed myself makes me feel good. It's also rewarding when I reach a goal or do something I wasn't able to do before. Every day is an opportunity to get better.  
Michael Briggs:  Two years ago my golf handicap was 14. This summer it got
down to 7. I am hoping to get it down to 5 or less in 2015.
Pedro Sandoval:  My motivation is cancer. A tumor was found along my spine which lead to loss of strength and muscle to the left side of my body. I lost my left pec completely. The tumor ended up being stage 3 cancer, which then required 26 radiation treatments that burned my back badly and made me drop 25 pounds in weight. My overall experience has been good compared to others. God is a great healer and for that I am thankful. I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. Philippians 3:14  
Lauren Rodamer:   I use to never take time for myself and now the gym is my time to go and escape. I also always want to push myself and be better.  I completed my first mud run last September and am now addicted.  
Marijn de Waal:  I love powerlifting; it's a big part of my life. If I'm not able to make it to the gym for some reason - which rarely happens - I just don't feel quite right. My training buddies here at Harrisonburg Family Fitness and in my hometown in the Netherlands have helped me reach goals I never would have been able to reach by myself. Hence, I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their support!  
Summer Struggs:  I had a goal of loosing about 2OOlbs when starting my journey. Now almost a year in, I have set my goal to continue on in my life, living healthy for my future and rest of my life.
Bart Reardon:  Given my age and history of serious illness, itʼs not realistic for me to aim for the high level of athletic training we observe every day in the free-weight area of the gym. But I can truthfully joke around with friends when I say that Iʼm probably the most physically fit among the patients at the Emily Couric Cancer Center at UVA.  
Heather Conley:  The motivation behind my workouts has varied throughout the years. I started my fitness journey 5 years ago in preparation for pageant swimsuit competitions. I have competed in Miss Virginia USA and numerous state and national level pageants all over the country. After pageants, I fell in love with the sport of crossfit. I hold a crossfit certification and enjoyed training for a year. Most recently my motivation to lift is my career goal to become a law enforcement officer.  
Neal Tarbox:  I feel better all the way around. Have lost inches, weight, and fit into my clothes much better. I can fit into dress shirts that have been just hanging in the closet. This is motivation to continue to work out even though at the end of the work out I ask myself why am I having Phil do this to me!  
Callie Vernon:  I am a Junior at James Madison University and I was recently accepted into the Sports Medicine program. I have been coming to Harrisonburg 24/7 Fitness for about 7 months and since then I have put on muscles, lost about 15 lbs and have been able to go from 29% body fat to about 25% body fat which is an accomplishment for me since I had gained 25 lbs freshman year. My next short term goal is get between 20 and 22% body fat.  

Karla Tierney:
  I got serious about working out on January 5, 2015.  I'm in the middle of my journey. I've lost 50 pounds and my goal is to lose 20 more. My motto from the beginning has been "embrace the suck"! I started working out mostly on the elliptical because I can get a cardio workout with out felling like I'd been hit by a Mac truck. I've made many adjustments and tweaks along the way. I've really enjoyed doing two 5K obstacle runs this year with 2 more coming up.
Melissa Brinkley:  I have struggled with weight all my life, even though I played soccer for many years I was always overweight and never in the best shape. One of my goals when I started working out was I wanted to be able to run a mile in under 10 minutes. I have surpassed that goal and now I enjoy running! I'm in the best shape that I've ever been in. I started playing soccer again which gives me a great workout outside of coming to the gym. I've lost more than 60 pounds so far and dropped 4 pants sizes.  

A few reviews:
"I have always found the gym to be in an excellent and clean state."

"I truely love this gym and suggest it to all my friends.  You have great staff, great variety of equipment, a great layout of equipment, and a beautiful updated facility.  I have always felt comfortable and welcomed by staff as well as other members.  I do not feel uncomfortable as a female using the free weights or machines!"
"The service has always been wonderfull.  I don't think any of you guys are ever in a bad mood or having a bad day.  So thank all of you for being so awesome all the time!"
"I staff is always friendly and appear to be happy...even the cleaning people are just extremely happy...I love this gym!"