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EliteFit is a unique hybrid training facility that encompasses all areas of fitness. We combine elements of functional training along with olympic and powerlifting, plyometrics, interval training, gymnastics, and endurance training.  We believe that in order to become ELITE you must train in all of these areas.  Our goals are to make each person stronger in their strengths AND weaknesses. The design of our program is to eliminate structure.  Each workout will never be the same.  You will always be challenged.  We compete with ourselves and our fellow athletes.  Every day we strive to be better than we were yesterday.  Whether you're just starting on your fitness journey or you are a longtime athlete who is looking for a change, we will help you reach any goals you have.  Focus on form is imperative.  We take time to make sure that each person knows the foundations of each lift.  But the most important part of our workouts is that we have FUN!  At EliteFit one of our primary missions is remembering and supporting our service men and women and those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. We host benefit WOD's in support of varies military organizations. We invite our heroes to attend any of our WOD's and honor them with a discounted membership rate.
Membership to EliteFit includes 24/7 access to Harrisonburg & Bridgewater 24/7 Family Fitness including regular GroupX classes, full lockerroom amenities, private womens only workout area, indoor walking/running track, hot tubs/saunas, and more! 
BRING THE KIDS!...CHILDCARE AVAILABLE WHILE YOU WORKOUT!...Click here for childcare hours and info.


JJ Slye:  I am a Valley Boy, born and raised in the Harrisonburg area. I grew up playing sports and have been athletic all of my life. Although I have been weight training off and on since 2005, my fitness journey has been quite the roller coaster ride. I tend to get very excited and committed but easily lose motivation. On and off, on and off, for 12 years....until CrossFit! I joined EliteFit when the doors opened and can now say I have found a new passion. The coaches, other members (now friends!) and challenging workouts have kept me committed, having fun and seeing results! This type of workout has allowed me to get to a place physically that I have never been before. I love all aspects of training, from strength and skill to the daily WOD. As a natural encourager, and someone who loves team camaraderie, I also enjoy cheering on the other athletes and celebrating their milestones! My enthusiasm for CrossFit has led me to get my L1 CrossFit Certification. I am excited about the opportunity to encourage, inspire, train and help you achieve all the success that you desire at EliteFit.

Jessica Weirich: Raised here in Harrisonburg, Virginia, I have always been an active person. From softball to volleyball to good ol' outdoor kid games, I grew up knowing the importance of healthy lifestyle. I chose to pursue a degree in Health Assessment and Promotion with a minor in Nutrition and graduated from James Madison University. From late senior year high school for about 9 years I struggled with a severe eating disorder. What began my healing was re-discovering my love for running, then asking my dad and brothers for advice with weight training. This triggered something that would be life changing. In 2013 I joined the Harrisonburg and Bridgewater Fitness Family, became a certified personal training, and began one of the greatest journeys of my life!

My personal goals have always been set high. From beating personal best times on my runs or lifting heavier weight and pushing myself, I've always been competitive. In mid 2016, I took my first CrossFit class and it opened my eyes to a whole new way of training! I was immediately researching and soaking in all I could. By the end of 2016, I became CrossFit Level 1 certified and have trained and coached since. EliteFit brings this type of training and MORE. I'm so excited to change lives and help everyone reach their own personal goals and exceed them. I love to work with people, witness the changes as they progress and celebrate their accomplishments!
Heather Conley: My athletic debut occurred in early high school when I was moved to varsity track as a member of the women’s 4 by 1 relay team. As the rookie and the “baby” on the team, I felt the need to prove myself. Within that time, I developed a passion for constant physical improvement and mental fortitude. In my adult life, I have participated in multiple realms of fitness including bikini competitions, CrossFit, and
most recently, powerlifting. I am a certified L1 CrossFit trainer, a USPA 47kg competitor, an avid nutritionist, and ready to gear you up for healthier tomorrows!

Outside of athletics, I have an incredible passion for the outdoors, animals and cooking. I am an avid bow hunter, hiker and gardener. I reside in a cabin on the George Washington National Forest in New Market, Virginia where my boyfriend Matthew and I enjoy fostering animals and caring for our two kittens, two dogs, and many chickens. Full time, I work in the Department of Police and Public Safety at the James Madison University Police Department as an Emergency Communications.
Stephanie Walker: I am an author and health coach and the founder of, and specialize in helping others find strength, health, and happiness.  I am a Level 1 CrossFit Coach, CrossFit Strongman and Mobility Certified, USAW Sports Performance Coach, a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and sports nutritionist. I have been featured in The Washingtonian, is a feature writer for Team WodNation's "The Whiteboard," and most of all loves helping people in my community.

I grew up in Augusta County and have lived in Harrisonburg with my husband Erik for the past six years. I am a graduate of JMU and love traveling, blogging, reading a good book, eating great food, and lifting heavy weights. My proudest accomplishment is my daughter, Brielle. "May I always be her greatest inspiration in life." 
Melissa Brinkley:  Growing up I always had a love for animals. After high school, I graduated from Blue Ridge Community College with a degree in Veterinary Technology. I currently work as a Licensed Veterinary Technician and get to work with animals everyday! Currently I reside in Hinton with my husband and our pets.

My fitness journey started in January of 2015. After struggling with weight my entire life, I was at my absolute heaviest and needed a change. I joined Harrisonburg 24/7 Fitness and over the next two years I lost 90 pounds and turned my life around. Through my good friend and fellow coach, Jessica Weirich, I discovered CrossFit. I was immediately hooked! The constant variation and high intensity made the workouts very effective and fun. I received my CrossFit Level 1 certification as well as my Personal Training certification. I look forward to working with others and helping them achieve their goals!
Taylor Gerhardt:  Growing up I’ve always had a passion for movement whether it be sport or working out, I just don’t like to sit around. I grew up in Chesapeake, Virginia. I played baseball and football throughout high school. I also picked up crossfit the summer before I started high school and have been doing it ever since.

I am a Junior at JMU and am studying kinesiology. Whenever I am not at school I am training or riding trails. I train at Crossfit Krypton when I am home for the summer. I have had almost 7 years of continuous training with some of the top athletes in this region and love what I do and am happy to share my knowledge of the sport.
Anna-Sophie Hickson:  I grew up in Fauquier County, VA, but spent much of my life living around the country and the world. I've been back in the States and the Shenandoah Valley for the last six years teaching. I am mom to an incredible five-year old boy, Veteran, ESL Teacher, Crossfit L1 Trainer, Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor.

I got into Crossfit long before anyone knew what it, working out in garage gyms on bases. Although I got a personal training certification early on and worked at a traditional gym, I enjoyed the rawness of Crossfit much more. It wasn't until after a tough pregnancy of six months of full bedrest and 100lbs weight gain did I get back into my passion in fitness and Crossfit. After training myself back into shape, I knew that I wanted to go back full force because I knew physically and mentally how much it had changed me...again..and wanted to help others do the same. Since then, it's been the passion I have that I get to do outside the classroom.

As a trainer who has learned and pushed herself from starting at the very bottom and most difficult point, I know the struggle firsthand, and I am, and will continue to fight to better myself, right alongside those I train. I believe in it because I am a product of it! I look forward to helping others develop the full view of the strengths and talents they never knew they had!

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Christianna Karnes:  I grew up in the small town of Shenandoah, but have lived in Harrisonburg with my husband for the past 3 years. I am a certified personal trainer, CrossFit L1 trainer, and a salon owner! I fell in love with working out about 6 years ago. It started with just cardio, I loved to run! That quickly evolved to other things like weight lifting and different classes. I got my personal training certification soon after I started working out, because once I saw how much it changed my life I wanted to help everyone else change theirs as well! I honestly never saw myself doing CrossFit, I would always say “that’s not for me.” But a few months into opening they offered a free month and I was hooked! Best decision I’ve ever made, the workouts, the friendships, and the little family we have with EliteFit, I love pushing myself and trying new things and EliteFit was just the change up I needed. It’s amazing the way it changes not only your workouts, but your mental well being as well! 

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